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To live fully, we require independence, self-understanding, competence and confidence, community, the ability to cope with setbacks, and a sense of adventure and purpose. Likewise, we must also learn to love freely. Only then can we welcome the deep fulfillment of a consciously-lived life.

My deepest desire is to give you way more value than what you pay for, providing you a safe space to liberate yourself from old stories and, ultimately, finding fulfillment in your life – on your own.

Whether you want to master bottoming or topping, learn to keep it up or not ejaculate too soon, come out to friends and family, and realize who you are – you essentially are seeking a life of passion and purpose, lived with integrity, and inviting joy.

You can benefit from a co-created coaching package if:

  • You seek self-knowledge.
  • You are serious about taking deliberate, actionable steps in your life to achieve your goals and meet your needs.
  • You are prepared to feel uncomfortable and face your fears, to accept immediate losses to allow for long-term gains.
  • You acknowledge that what you might think you prefer (i.e. sexual tastes, love interests, career choices) is not always aligned with who you are and you are committed to uncovering the real you, along with passions you may have deferred.
  • You understand that while I’m here to coach you, the work is yours to do.

Below are the most common issues and challenges that men seek my assistance with. (If you don’t see your goal listed here, please contact me to determine if I can support you in achieving it or could refer you to someone else who can.)

Whether in or out of the closet, the majority of bisexual and gay men are still dealing with the shame and trauma of growing up queer in a culture that often left us on our own to figure out how to become self-realized men who love men.

Together, we can confront the cultural and familial resistance to our natures and the avoidance of self-realization that resulted. In doing so, we create the space to live authentically and meaningfully.

(I will honor and work with your personal concerns, whether you’re struggling with the pain of coming out, confronting past emotional and sexual abuse, or seeking to rewrite scripts unconsciously inherited from the media about age, attractiveness, and and pressure to perform.)

Many men deny their deepest needs for the immediate comforts of social conformity, seeking validation to offset shame, attaching self-worth to social status, and resisting failure at all costs.

Together, we will uncover the needs indicated by your desires, creating a life lived with passion and led by love – for yourself and others. I’ll support you in doing this by locating the ways you’ve been attempting to avoid shame, and the behaviors that have kept you from finding genuine fulfillment in yourself. Ultimately, you’ll discover how to live with integrity, inviting real joy into all areas of your life: sexual, social, and vocational.

(I’ll provide a safe space for you to know what you want and to move forward deliberately, whether you’re contending with the trap of the rat race or looking to renegotiate relationships that aren’t authentic.)

Ashamed of their bodies, embarrassed by an inability to perform, and/or unaware of their true desires and needs, many men are uncertain about their abilities and unfamiliar with what allows for a fulfilling sexual encounter.

Together, we will develop your self-confidence and what you uniquely have to offer, working on developing a realistic view of the body and its functions, knowing what actually feels good – and how to give and receive that in a way that satisfies you and your partners.

(Most men consult with me to learn to perform various sexual acts successfully, how to maintain an erection, or how not to prematurely ejaculate. While these sessions are best in person, often one consultation can get you well on your way.)



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