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I’m well-educated, intelligent, and emotionally balanced. An outstanding communicator, I’m able to connect with all socially and, since we’ll be familiarized with one another, you, specifically.

Having lived in North America, Europe, and Africa and traveled to more countries than years I’ve been alive, I’m not only comfortable with travel – I live for it, and navigate seeming cultural barriers with ease and effectiveness.

I believe beauty is truth, and we best appreciate it when we take the time to pay attention. This is the glory of wandering.

There are myriad places I’d love to experience for the first time, and others I enjoy experiencing anew. You can read about some of my travels in Africa, Asia, and Europe, along with viewing the “Globe-Trotting” album.

Note: If you’d like to have an adventure without putting in the thought, visit me in New York for an entire day of intimacy and exploration. I’ll plan the adventure!

Also, if you’re visiting the Big Apple and would like to save on a hotel room, I live in a luxury apartment with a breathtaking view of lower Manhattan. Stay with me!