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We Belong

Here, I tumble – toppling into a more grounded, abstracted execution of “Manifesto Alive!”… …There, there – I hope you sample it as a sort of immortal beginning… As personal growth… …Gathering its bit-into fits of wisdom in rougher, loftier form here… (And gifting me with your thoughts at the very bottom.)


Here, I tumble – toppling into a more grounded, abstracted execution of “Manifesto Alive!”…

…There, there – I hope you sample it as a sort of immortal beginning… As personal growth…

Gathering its bit-into fits of wisdom in rougher, loftier form here… (And gifting me with your thoughts at the very bottom.)

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  1. Nice words of encouragement for a population so plagued by the shame injected into us at such a vulnerable age in our childhood development. I’ve seen so many, including myself, struggle and suffer so much loss and pain in their lives because of it. I am beginning to see light and it is in fact a rainbow, for light through a prism of perception is necessarily so. Don’t swallow your pride, wave the flag and own it.

    • We’re waving the same fabulous flag, Aaron, with its myriad hues. I’m delighted to be on this adventure alongside you. 🙂 XOs and solidarity… Adam

  2. Adam, Ditto to all of the preceding appreciative accolades,they’re dead on.
    I’m thrilled that so many see and benefit from you as I do…Intellectual, Educated, Insightful, Passionate, Caring, Generous, Loving and Loveable. Your public work is Motivating, Confirming, Comforting and Life Changing, surpassed only by the Life Altering, Affirming Enrichment of Private Times spent with You.
    You have set the bar higher than most will attain, but this world will be evolved for the better by those who try.
    Simply “Spectacular” Adam!!
    So Proud and Blessed to Know You!!
    So looking forward to adding to our Private Memories soon!!
    Love to The Magnificent Man in your Mirror… and to those that share My Appreciation and Adoration for You.

    • Wow, BK – how do I respond? 🙂 I’m proud and blessed to know YOU. A friend once told me, “You know, Adam, sometimes a man just needs to tell another man that he loves him.” So powerful. So in it. So, so receiving it… Love, Adam

  3. Your writing is both worldly and personal, words to live by and live through, i.e., “Entertain uncertainly, as it is faith’s constant companion,” and “Be generous — it gently leads you to understand that we are already understood.” Your sense of mankind is in a league with Socrates.
    Good luck with your new endeavors.

  4. Reading the most recent iteration of the Manifesto, and I am at a loss to try to describe the impact it had on me. Its overwhelming effect is one of awe: Awe of the range of ideas and emotions it expresses, and awe of your willingness to bare your soul in sharing these most intimate aspects of yourself. You are courage.

  5. In one of these blog entries you wrote “In pushing the boundaries of the Garden further, what followed was Awareness. And in our aware state we were filled with Wonderment as original as it remains generative.” I am struck how that resonates with James Hughes Reho’s book, “TANTRIC JESUS: The Erotic Heart of Early Christianity.” As a gay Episcopal priest I am excited to discover a possible convergence between your work and Reho’s (who also happens to be an Episcopal priest). Blessings, dear friend, on your important ministry!

    • I’m unfamiliar with Reho’s work, G, but it appears we’re swimming in the same stream. 🙂 Thanks for this thoughtful response, and blessings to you… Adam

    • The timeless is, by definition, forever timely. I’m thankful my little take on some old wisdom is an encouragement to you, dear man. A hug, and a nudge… Adam

  6. Happy New Year my friend. It has been a please to have gotten to know you this year, here and in person. You are an incredible man with a warm and inviting personality. This piece shows the real deal. Congratulations on such beautiful work!

  7. The new blog is breathtaking, Adam. Intimate yet GRAND in it’s reach. Your writing just continues to develop in such a remarkably dramatic way…. every word is perfect and in it’s proper place. Such a timely and opportune piece for the challenges that are to be faced in the future. So very much seems like the Divine is providing guidance through all that you manifest to so many…..

    • Wow, “L” – what generous praise! If the micro reflects the macro and “vice-versa”… if a tuned-into detail can point toward the whole of humanity, to an ever-expanding – contracting! – multiverse itself… then let us all be guided, in the day-to-day, in every way. Divinely, mundanely. I send you bushels of love… Adam

  8. Such great writing and way to express and inspire the feelings of those who identify and those who don’t quite understand themselves yet but need an artistic and free spirited explanation put into words. This is the sequel of Adam. 2017 is a strong and confident year.

    • “The sequel of Adam” – yet another take on an original! I like it, Dre. 🙂 To strength and confidence… Forward, forward… Adam

  9. Another beautiful piece worth waiting for Adam.

    Your blog is a staple in my life and this art work and manifesto summarizes the best of it.


    • It’s an honor to accompany one another along this little stretch of the net, Ferdi – and certainly when going within. Your support continues to mean a great deal. 🙂 XO Adam

  10. You always give me something to aspire to. Thanks for being an inspiration, and here’s to a mind-blowing, fulfilling, empowering 2017. I hope the new year brings another opportunity to see you, in whatever capacity.

    • Connecting with you, and observing you design every detail of an entirely new way of being, has been one of my greatest joys while living in New York, Mike. Yes, in some capacity… And to blown minds, filling fully, and empowering one another. 🙂 Adam

  11. This entry moves me as much as any have. Way to cultivate centuries of wisdom and pack it into one special package for 2017. You are an evolving artist and a call to soulful, thoughtful action, Adam. Thank you. Your words ring true and with a unique depth in an era of artifice.

  12. Season’s Greetings, “big brother”! Because of you I made the transition to accepting myself and even finding love. Life looks brighter and more possible than I could have imagined two years ago when you took me by the hand (and other parts) and showed me what I could do and helped me see what I was. Thank you for this and more.

    • And season’s greetings to you, little bro! 🙂 Your rediscovered love of self and welcoming of love from another brings me great joy, as I’m sure it does others. I’m honored our paths crossed and you found the courage to brave your own blazing path with a bit of guidance and “go-ahead.” Accept this outpouring of love and gratitude… Onward and upward! Adam


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