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Sex and Money (Part Two)

Employing Symbols to Better Approach the Source (For the first part of this article, click here.) Money is not wealth. Sex is not love. They are expressions of the Source and evidence it when set in motion with intention. So – He and I unashamedly maneuver muscle and shove meat to fill a love of read more..


Employing Symbols to Better Approach the Source


(For the first part of this article, click here.)

Money is not wealth. Sex is not love. They are expressions of the Source and evidence it when set in motion with intention. So –

He and I unashamedly maneuver muscle and shove meat to fill a love of self to get to life as nakedly, newly lived. Hard cash and cock-handling meld into a streaming of postmodern mores into our queer male selves, apart from social impositions, a part of the sacred whole.

And, far from flat out getting paid so another can get laid, I act as one measure of a general testament to a technology-based action that enables people privileged to be within prosperous societies to encompass what they love, inhabiting a newfangled honesty that untangles old traditions that dictate what belongs where and who can do – and have – what.

Long perceived as an emasculated outcast on my knees, I recast myself within the continuing narrative of the world’s oldest profession, freely applying my ability to be fully present in pleasing and being pleased by my fellow man. I am not a golden boy to my clients, but rather a human being who mirrors a queer, masculine distinctiveness. And I’m not working for the money that allows me to do what I already am called to do (promoting whole-humanness in a society that objectifies and divides). Contrarily, the money merely creates the space I need to heed the call.

In our collapsing economy of specialization, what I do is more integrated than it outwardly appears. I am not a slave seeking to save, trading up a belabored today for some belated someday. I reject this inhumane severing of any reverence for whole-beingness!


Man after man encounters himself through me, and he gladly swipes plastic after I slide myself in, handing him over to ecstatic stupefaction. In such heated positioning, I serve to support mankind in this full-throated advocacy for the acquisition of prowess, be it bodily, budgetary, or for the betterment of some other sphere of a well-rounded life. Erotic empowerment proves to be one mighty ripple in the wellspring of well-being, and I sell personal wealth in the form of myself! Backing this new norm, I teach each man to buy more firmly into the belief that he is enough. Indeed, that we, as a queer collective, are enough.

As time passes, it becomes increasingly apparent to me that sex and status and stuff are being used less for the greater good and more as counterfeits of passion and power and prosperity themselves. We think, “If only I can have that, then I can do that, then I can be this!” when we already are the things we seek. There is no “do” or “have” about it. We’ve simply got to be it!

Perhaps in this commoditized age it’s time to wake up to the reality that time itself is our only true reserve, and that we are best off employing life as a space-provider, co-creating waves of wakefulness within it. Giving more than we receive only to accept ourselves in unforeseen ways. This flow is our moral obligation to ourselves.

When sex is seen through the lens of a puritanical striving for blamelessness, it is flaccid at best, and money as a mere byproduct of specialization falls short. We conflate them with what they represent, and in doing so decline to occupy a ready awareness of steady well-being.

And in an aberrant era that so fearfully designates what money can and cannot be used for, and how sex should and should not be come upon, we are attempting to dignify ourselves through outdated standards of what we cannot do and have as opposed to having faith in all that we are. What does this say about our understanding of ourselves as fundamentally wealthy, sexual beings, embracing what we can do and have as it makes sense to us as individuals and as a cooperative? When the body-feeler and spirit-healer are pushed on the periphery, we’re only pulling away from the Source.

I, for one, would be remiss not to admit feeling soulful with my holes full, treasured for the wholly immeasurable man I am with the men whose spaces I fill.


I am wealth itself, a living embodiment of love, emboldened to serve my community in service to myself. A sex symbol serving as a body-mind-soul figure who points men toward the potentiality of presence amidst a habit of grabbing and groping, selling out and buying in, as he and I…and he and I…hope to consume and produce consciousness – consciously.

In a culture where the business model is geared toward a quantity of profits over the quality of products and people consume what results to evade the messy magnificence of the process – the essence! – of living…

In a society where prestige too often trumps purpose, I consider myself the flushest man on earth as, with flushed flesh and heart enlarged, I steer queer men to their higher selves as opposed to lowering myself to meet them at some base, socially-imposed level. Giving these guys what they need in the guise of what it is they think they want. Teaching them what to desire, and how to be desirous and desirable as I make capital in the momentary, monetary “Capital of the World.”

I believe the work I do is monumental in that it navigates what has historically been on the fringe and impinges it upon an everyday, everyman’s knowledge of the Source. On the edge of the status quo, I work with excited parts to wondrously incite the whole as the journey goes inward.

I am what I do, and I do what I have. And it all comes back around. I am love abundantly expressed and experienced. I am enough. He is enough. We are enough! And there you are. And here I am.

Let’s employ life’s symbols to better approach the Source.

(You can read this article, as published, here. The artwork featured in “Sex and Money: Employing Symbols to Better Approach the Source” is that of artist Mark Wagner.)

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  1. Adam – you are Dr. Ruth incarnate…well hotter, though Dr. Ruth is far from a simmer. Anyway, I have been reading your blogs, I found you via Twitter. I have to say you are a gift. What a way of expression. Not only do you speak physically, but your words are so moving. It is no wonder these cats want the milk. I think it is great what you do and how. There is a lot of depth to your ocean. There is a lot that a naked man does not see. Sometimes the X that marks the spot is all that is meant to be seen. Though for some, we walk away with a void….even after the smoke is coming out of our ass. You are thought provoking. You are that present thought on the ride back home. Did he just? Did I feel? Who is this guy? His name is Adam.

  2. Part two is interesting because it is distinctly different than part one in its tone and rhetoric. You seem to try and remain self deprecating regarding the reality of the world’s oldest profession while addressing the sexual spiritual healing aspect which I see as a unique quality that is entirely yours. Maybe for fear of becoming arrogant you refute being the “golden boy” when in actuality My impression is that you are the golden boy because of what you give and what men want to get from you. My impressions of you from your site were happily reaffirmed when I met you in person a few days ago, and I will see you again soon!

  3. Adam, these past couple of articles have been exquisitely written, and I cannot help but read them over again. While delving into the taboo, you artfully bring the reader to an elegance and a thoughtfulness of humanity, instead of a crass or bluntly written prose designed purely for shock-value. You have beautifully written about the connections, the relationships, while acknowledging the almost opposite connotation society brings to us. The luckiest of men know you and have experienced the beauty of you: yes, you are devilishly handsome, and yes, the sex is amazing; but what sets you apart is the beauty of your whole being. What you share is intimate, and we are blessed to share in that with you. XOXO

    • Thank you, Josh! I feel just as blessed to share this intimacy with you, and am honored that you took the time to read and re-read “Sex and Money.” Adam

  4. Hi Adam, I cannot add anything new than what has already been said. This was a fabulous post, and the replies along with your counter replies were equally enlightening. There are so many great take – aways from your writing. You are so exactly what I am looking for, longing for, want and yes truly need.
    Keep your pen(is) flowing. Credit to John from above for the pen (is) pun.

    Still waiting you to enter,


  5. It is with great interest that I read the above article. I take no credit for it, but I certainly encouraged Adam to become a writer on the day that I met him. He was so intuitive, sensitive and honest and although I was a stranger off the street, he treated me with a dignity and an openness that I simply did not expect. Objectification works both ways in situations like this. But I didn’t feel objectified. I was not just his “1 O’clock appointment”. He genuinely seemed happy to see me. I was in crisis and Adam sensed that and stopped and just talked to me. And then he let me talk. And he LISTENED. As he so eloquently put it in the article, he was “giving me what I needed in the guise of what it is that I thought I wanted.” In the end, he gave me a list of books to read and I was truly grateful. Believe me, this is not how I expected the afternoon to play out. But I tell this anecdote to illustrate the integrity in which Adam pursues his mission. I quit my therapist that day (as she never gave me what I needed) and now I see Adam. (He also charges less!) If you haven’t already done so, I urge you to check out the Psychology Tomorrow Magazine website for more provocative essays and articles.

  6. Adam, You are a genius with the pen and a genius with the pen(is)! 🙂 My favorite lines from this week: “He gladly swipes plastic after I slide myself in” and “I, for one, would be remiss not to admit feeling soulful with my holes full.” Thank you, as always, for sharing with all of us the gift of you.

    • You are most welcome, John! Your comment brought an audible giggle out – kudos! Yeah, I hope “soulful with my holes full” takes… from all angles and manner of positions. 🙂 XOX Adam

  7. Within a society so adept to labels and patterns to secure the boundaries of the status quo, you are the most indefinable person I have ever known: Flagrant attacker to conventions and paradigms. Teacher, social worker, sex psychologist, artist, philanthropist,
    multi-dimensional lover. Moreover, a social revolutionary, mystical believer, trader, flip-flop masseur, instigator, entrepreneur, missionary, enigmatic, sincere, manipulator of all forms of phallic erection. An affront to stereotypical social mores and an apparent redeemer of the oldest profession but at the same time, its acerbic castigator. The perplexing combination of spiritual interconnections achieved through an intense interchange of pure instinct and flesh. A depurated element of the antiestablishment but the elaborated result of the existing order, and in the end: simply HUMANE.
    Congratulations, my dear friend! Your article is not only an exquisite piece of literature -one of the few genuine and frankly open gay literature- but an exciting chant of human confidence. I can tell you that for me, in the absence of a frontal messy contact, -that distance does not facilitate- reading your article allows me to depart on an inward soulful journey with an already prefixed destination. Meanwhile, my brain ejaculates rivers of joy for you,………..for me,………..for all of us.

    • Gil – what an overwhelm of praise – and passion! Thank you. 🙂 Keep departing on that “inward soulful journey” as you savor this time in your homeland… and aside from all those “indefinables” I get to inhabit and play within, don’t forget that that I’m a very proud English teacher. 🙂 Besos, mi amante… Adam

  8. Adam my friend.
    You ARE the Master! No question. You are unique in a very special way of male connectedness. Hoping to be even less guarded on my next visit (soon). You have given structure to my soul.

  9. Adam,

    After Mike and Chris, there is nothing more to say. I completely and totally agree with them and like Mike, I have been given much, much more from you than just amazing, amazing sex. So thank you for all that you give and have given. Hugs, Dennis

  10. If you ever wanted to distill what you do into one sentence, it would be this one: “Giving these guys what they need in the guise of what it is they think they want.”

    I came to you (for the first time) for sex. A no-strings-attached fuck. But what I walked away with was so much more. A beginning of the process to finally discovering my whole self. I wasn’t expecting that. Wasn’t even remotely prepared for it. But it’s been so much better than I ever would have anticipated. As for the money, that part of our encounters is worth every penny.

    And the sex part is pretty great too.

    In breathless anticipation of our next connection…

    • “Yes, Mike!” (I say breathlessly) 🙂 Can we be unguarded enough to allow life to dish out what we require, and then be startled and delighted when it does? I’m thrilled you’re along this journey with me – with us! Adam

  11. OMG–you’re Foucault-like, Lacanian, post-Marxian, Whitmanesque, Ganesh, and Krishna as well. Puer (in the nicest way), Dionysian, Apollonian, a bit of Seneca; a whole lot of Huck (and Jim) rafting through the cosmos, and a fucking Triple Crown winner. You are an entire encyclopedia of adventure. Sexy as all get out, cuddly,too, boundary-breaking, grounded, funny and fun, serious and mindful, and
    cockful and thoughtful and, you know, all these things and more. Oh–and you’re a Nepalese Village, too.

    Please share with us some of the responses to your monumental ideas, from the world out there. Meanwhile, I’ll be looking forward to singing your praises in person real soon.


    • Golly – and I barely know who those guys and gods are, Chris! 😉 I think I’m going to get real sexy on here real soon. Fasten your safety belt, and see you for that jerky conjoining – the kind that bumps and grinds into a rhythmic explosiveness! Ooh… What’s coming down the pike feels real WILD! Adam


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