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"Manifesto Alive!" (Part II)

I Believe I Belong to You. (As you continue reviewing this free-to-all stumbling and bungling… into something someday worthy of perfecting… allow it to inspire you to find pride in being “in progress” – in your own endeavoring to move, confidently, further.) That in pushing the boundaries of the Garden further, what followed was Awareness. read more..


I Believe I Belong to You.

(As you continue reviewing this free-to-all stumbling and bungling… into something someday worthy of perfecting… allow it to inspire you to find pride in being “in progress” – in your own endeavoring to move, confidently, further.)

Impermanence 2

That in pushing the boundaries of the Garden further, what followed was Awareness. And in our aware state we were filled with Wonderment as original as it remains generative.

I BELIEVE appealing to your DESIRES can tip me into your NEEDS.
That desires are fleeting, immediate and needs continue – are all-encompassing.
That the hubris required to meet desire head-on points to the humility in reaching, in handling the need.
(That we must contend with contradiction to uncover – to pierce – the wound.)

That with intense presence we can be Wowed by the Nowness of the moment we’re in – truly, absolutely.
That in a paced space we can connect the disparate dots of existence and innovate future solutions to current quandaries.
That in playing gently you unwind me, kindly.
That we play at competing with one another, to imply that doing things solely for approval or money or status or prestige is a betrayal of ourselves.
That, indeed, we engage in sexual competition to learn social cooperation.
That we cooperate to support the whole, subverting the old formulas that hold us back.
That only in pure presence can we be productive. Can we progress.
That only in this instant can we be heightened by spurts of joy, harboring a long-lasting capacity for wonder.
That anything of value demands hard work and ample time.

I BELIEVE in meeting you in LOVE and COMPASSION, led by WISDOM
That Love and Wisdom aren’t necessarily fear-free – not without doubt.
That caring for you with CLARITY is viewing you with hard-won wisdom.
That CLARITY transforms pain into suffering.
That suffering bears worthwhile fruit.
That you and I must trust in the TRUTH that one must, ultimately, live in LOVE.
That conscious healing is consummated intuitively and intelligently, with intentionality.

I BELIEVE in embracing IMPERFECTION as one ought to befriend UNCERTAINTY.
That any perfection is in our incompleteness.
That in acknowledging our impermanence we might shed shame, lay away angst.
That through humility we feel connected to our humanity.
That we can come to be, again, unafraid – unashamed – of who we are.
That reawakening the forsaken and forgotten permits us to forgive and move forward.
That in heated positions, we mirror the human condition.
That the dominant culture doesn’t grant us our worth.
That we ought penetrate our own woundedness to touch on the worthy, unwounded parts.
That imperfection, impermanence, and uncertainty express possibility.

I BELIEVE that in REVERING one another we touch on REVELATION.
That reverence leads to awe.
That revering the process itself finds us reveling in progress… in prospects – met.
That we are reminders to one another to live for a sense of wonder.
That in instigating epiphanies we invite serendipity.
That in inviting serendipity we co-create synchronicity.
That we are best off investing our confidence in co-incidence.

I BELIEVE we unearth PURPOSE through SERVICE.
That serving you is as gratifying as it is purposeful.
That with you I might expose myself.

That there is a uniquely – ineffable – queer sensibility – and insight.
That our gayness is made all the more glorious in service-oriented uses of our mouths and anuses.
That our capacity to be receptive to another’s immediate delight so as to pleasure ourselves only to return the favor gives us a unique insight into human wholeness and the collapsing of dichotomous structures.

I BELIEVE men who love men are here to CULTIVATE and SUPPORT one another.
That through friendship, eroticism, and intellectual connections we ought inspire and challenge each brother:
For all that we went through and were.
For all that we are in this instant.
For all that we can be and do.
That ‘Queer’ is as much a societal role as it is an identity.
That we must enhance ourselves mentally, physically, and spiritually to bolster our community to broaden the scope of what is possible for world peace.
That we are as tribal as we are global.
That we must heal ourselves to harbor the whole of the world.
That our essence is boyish and compassionate.
That we ‘re here to suffer with others to evolve the world.
That we’re here to accept and allow (for) all – so that we all might evolve.

I BELIEVE that BROTHERLY LOVE suggests COMPASSION for the world’s sundry others.
That equality is not sameness.
That conforming to the dominant culture exploits – destroys – our inimitable contributions.
That we must uncover one another for ourselves.
That we must advance genuineness – reciprocity.
That there is value in our nuances – nancied and natural

I BELIEVE we are oriented in a vantage point of fringed PRIVILEGE.
That privilege is a responsibility.
That the responsibility is the greater privilege.
That we are here to gain knowledge of ourselves that we might give abundantly to the world, advancing human consciousness.

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  1. As thought-provoking and intellectually and viscerally stimulating as your pieces always are….yet perhaps from a greater depth of emotional awareness and reality…. Reading these words cause a higher-level vibration of consciousness that is so often absent in so much of what we experience. I’m grateful for your guidance; your prescient awareness; and your graceful promptings for truth.

  2. What a remarkable manifesto of all that needs to happen in male sexualtiy in the world today, and all that you represent. As someone for whom you have helped navigate a new world of my own sexuality with men at such a late age, I read this thinking and knowing that this is your life’s calling, and you are expressing it at a level of depth and thought–perhaps because of your time away in Peru–that is even deeper than earlier writings. I thank you for what you have given to me, but perhaps for the men out there who have yet to be liberated to explore who they really are, I thank you for what you are/will give to them. Scott

  3. As fine as a first draft gets Adam! Much to contemplate from a man wise beyond his years. I’m excited for the finale and revision.


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