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(or, A Trying Instance of Big Brother’s Buy-Curiosity) Men Alive! and Passersby – Thanks to those of you who’ve sent messages of concern regarding the absurdly backwards and higgledy piggledy move on the part of the Department of Homeland Security in assisting the New York Police Department in threatening the livelihood and invulnerability of thousands read more..


(or, A Trying Instance of Big Brother’s Buy-Curiosity)


Men Alive! and Passersby –

Thanks to those of you who’ve sent messages of concern regarding the absurdly backwards and higgledy piggledy move on the part of the Department of Homeland Security in assisting the New York Police Department in threatening the livelihood and invulnerability of thousands of escorts and masseurs world over. Though I’m tempted to rage in response to the raid and shout about the injustice of the shutdown, I think I’ll mostly shut up about the specifics and but poke at the politics in order to get to where I stand in relation to what I do.


Firstly, know that I’m all right. I don’t think individuals are targets in this particular inquisition, and while I’ll unquestionably be set back for a second, I’m confident all will be financially fine in the end. Margin-walking – be it done occupationally or opinion-wise – expressly flies in the face of extremist reactionaryism right before popular opinion drastically expands. I believe the conversation around this national fiasco will find us at the heels of a revolutionary reasoning that’ll ultimately result in the decriminalization of sex work. Centuries of persecution and prosecution are mere moments away from being unceremoniously upended. I plan to remain purposefully (Kelly, Tyler, and) peter-filled until then – and perhaps a bit shaken in having been given a bit of Currie, but assuredly unashamed (in my somewhat self-and-other-deprecatingly involved wordSmithing). (So, yes, all is well.) 😉


Much of what you might be interested in investigating online includes corrective, connective perspectives by The Daily Beast, Gay City News, VICE, and Vox. Also, the steadfastly spot-on Matt Baume has put up a video snippet calling shit out. And this ”1 angry, gay libertarian”’s voice makes me wanna lift my legs to Jesus once again and give up yet another market value holler of a “Hallelujah!”

I published my position on my profession at Psychology Tomorrow Magazine. You might also especially appreciate ”The First Timer,” ”The Married Man,” and last week’s entry, partly – presciently – on police brutality and civil forfeiture.


RentBoy.com and websites like it have permitted me to heal and be whole in pimp-freed self-agency – off the streets in the Internet-era. I directly benefit from this unique window of precipitous information access as it finds us at the fag end of sex work’s criminality. In this singular instant, I get to make a lucrative living while creating a meaningful life as I allow myself to align all of who I am with the fullness of what it is I do – and, from there, simply show up to Adam and you (and you and you) on a wonder-full work-a-day. And I’m in endless awe of the myriad dots that connect to secure my success, and I maintain faith that this infinitude of gratitude rubs off on every one of you (not to mention each man I enjoy “time and companionship” with).


If you’ve ever savored time spent with a sensual service provider, it’s completely appropriate for you to – indeed, welcomed if you do! – reach out to him or her with some sympathetic words. We already live in an oft-lonely world, and it can be doubly troubling when one is isolated on society’s fringe. We “queers” understand this (in fact, overlaying) stationing all too well. Let’s honor those who honorably practice the erotic arts, playing their parts in reining sensual connection into an enlightened epoch of emancipated pleasure.


I’m sorry if this regressive instance has stirred up old shames. If it has, I encourage you to step outside the court of this widespread puritanism; and as you now take support on the world wide web, turn to it within yourself. And if in this rearward instant you fear for your own discretion or protection, trust me – no one is after you. Or me. Breathe easy.

We are coming closer and closer to de-compartmentalizing a tyrannized trade and single-handedly stamping out the double standard of supplier and demander, admitting it in a safe space to more completely serve humanity. If anything, I feel less confined now that my dick isn’t being sized up in boxed-in ad spots on RentBoy only for my data to be seized and carried out in boxes by agents grounded in unsound suspicions (from an agency founded during a climate of disquiet) just for a double-dealing “justice” to be delivered in politically motivated, impersonally moralistic wording that defines my day-to-day by one of sundry strokes.


Rest assured, with or without a networked “brothel,” and regardless of Big Brother’s patriarchal gaze, the buy-curious will try on this abiding brotherhood on for more than mere size. ☺

Again: Thank you.




  1. I’m so glad you are ok. While it has been over a year since we’ve communicated, I cherish the memories of emails & time spent with you. You opened my eyes and helped me to become a better man. Much love to you. Larry

    • Thank you, Larry – how meaningful to for you to reconnect, and on here! I send you much love, fused with warm memories, back… Adam

  2. Glad to hear you are OK, dear Adam. I thought of you when I first heard about it. This whole incident is just ridiculous. Looking forward to getting together with you again soon.

  3. Dear, dear boy, it was more than I dreamt being with you after long months of waiting. For this to happen when we sealed the anticipation and to see your composure and conviction confirmed everything we know of you to be true. You are a light in the USA, the best of America. Take all this love from Israel. Your Noah

    • I will take all that love, indeed, Noah, however heightened your vision of me is. 🙂 Toe-dah, toe-dah, toe-dah… So much, so much, so much… Adam

  4. I didn’t hear about this either, until now. Who cares who’s blowing who in the White House as long as they are properly doing their job! I hope one day they legalize sex work and create a safe platform for sex workers and their patrons. California has a huge human trafficking issue smuggling young Korean girls making them prisoners and sex workers. The government needs to spend more of an effort helping those young girls NOT infiltrating Rent Boy! Who cares about adults having consensual sex! Waste of government money and it angers me. Hopefully this is just a small bump in the road Adam and you will be able to continue changing the lives of others in need and work further on your own self improvement. XXOO

  5. We can only hope that there is some good that comes from all of this…open and frank discussions, opening minds and making this world a better place with true freedom.

    Adam, glad to hear you are well and thank you for this forum to keep the discussion alive.

  6. Hi Adam! So glad to hear you’re doing okay in the aftermath. I figured you were since it sounded like they just went after the corporate HQ! Scary stuff though, and it just seems so pointless when so much other stuff is going on in the country and world.

    I have no doubt you’ll continue to do what you do just fine since you’re branching out in some awesome ways with the articles and podcasts. Keep on doing what you’re doing!

    I’m in NYC in September for a couple days. I hope we can connect.

    • Pointless indeed, Jeff – and, yes, branching out is a blast! Slowly, slowly… I hope we get to connect as well. 🙂 Adam

  7. I’ve said this in several online spaces this week, but as someone who came out late and struggled with shame (perversely, both over being gay and not having any/enough sexual experience), the non-judgmental (and super hot) support I’ve gotten from you and a couple of other escorts local to me has been absolutely invaluable. For the first time in my life, I’ve started seeing someone romantically (too early to label it), and that would NOT be possible without the time spent on your couch and in your bed (plus a few emails and texts in between). I can only hope that we can finally start the move toward decriminalizing non-exploitative escort services happily partaken of between consenting adults.

    And yes, I was worried about my own personal information that is in some Rentboy files. I’m starting to let that go, with a little difficulty. Thank you for your reassurances.

    • Yes, Mike – enjoy the pre-labelable moments! We’ll be fine… it just gets more and more expansive. I’m continually grateful for all YOUR uplifting and validating. Love, Adam

  8. I love following your blog and am grateful for the gift you shared with me. I am a fuller man as a result. You are awesome!!?

  9. Adam, I must have been under a bush or something. Just heard of this from you now, WTF, who had a bug up their ass to go after them, crazy. Glad your OK and thank you as always for being so amazing. Miss you and se you soon. Hugs Dennis

  10. “Society takes upon itself the right to inflict appalling punishment on the individual, but it also has the supreme vice of shallowness, and fails to realize what it has done”.
    Oscar Wilde, De Profundis
    Nothing else is necessary but, do not forget: In spite of the initial circumstances, “it always get better”.

  11. Adam, you are my Unsinkable Molly Brown. Even in the face of all this idiocy (and personal risk) you remain steadfast, committed, positive and encouraging. While, at first, I was concerned for you, I realized you of all people will not be stopped, discouraged or silenced. When I first heard the Rentboy news my first thought was “oh oh. I hope this isn’t the beginning of something”. As Chris (in the comments below) states “it may get worse before it gets better”. That said, I am also encouraged by the groups that are speaking up and taking issue. Decriminalization of sex work has proven to be a good thing in other countries. It’s frustrating our country can’t seem to learn from others (don’t get me started on the statistics regarding gun violence here vs other places). Why can’t Homeland Security focus on a bigger picture? Secure our borders and airports, please. Respond to natural disasters, thank you. Oh, and how about you protect me from terrorist? Cause I don’t really don’t need you, Homeland Security, to protect me from my Adam.

    • I’m hesitant, but the chin is up, Steve – thanks! I really got my start in Spain, so it was strange to reorient my way of going about it all in our homeland. We’re such puritans! Oh, and you might not need Homeland Security to protect you from me, but if we don’t get a good cuddle in soon… 😉 XO Adam

  12. Wonderful and reassuring post, Adam. It is so utterly bizarre and despicable that an agency set up to fight terrorism is being used this way. Preemptive strike, and as one of the commentators pointed out, brings back the craziness of the “war on drugs.”

    For someone my age, this really does bring up memories of raids on gay bars and witch hunts (hundreds more gay men and lesbians were thrown out of the State Department during McCarthy and Cohn’s reign (great photo!) than communists. You also nail it when you suggest that for so many, this raid will reactivate shame, fear, and self-hate. I can only imagine what it is like for a young man living in isolation in a small town, or a married man who’s been barely keeping his soul and spirit alive by hooking up at the local park or with the local service provider. Make no mistake, this is State Terrorism. And I think it may just get worse before it gets better. Thank goodness for Amnesty International, the Transgender Center, and all the other groups that are standing up and saying “no” to this State crime.

    You are to the point and your words are comforting. Yet another example of your everyday genius.

    • Thanks, Chris. It’s mostly the reactivation of shame, fear, and self-hatred that concerns me at this point. I do think this raid was equally as overdue as it was inexcusable, if that even makes sense. I want to hug all those young and married men – world over – and give them a glimpse of all the glory that awaits them if they are able to take that terrifying leap! And – yes – I, for one, will not be terrorized. Thank you, thank you, thank you… I will also not be alone. Nor will you. Adam


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