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First Things First

Knowing Him from Adam Hello, fellow “Men Alive”! There is something overwhelming about embarking on an undertaking which you’re certain will find you regularly re-routing. My deepest hope for “Man Alive!” is that it becomes a way in which men who love men can tap into themselves and establish community. To individually and collaboratively go read more..


Knowing Him from Adam

Knowing Him from Adam

Hello, fellow “Men Alive”!

There is something overwhelming about embarking on an undertaking which you’re certain will find you regularly re-routing.

My deepest hope for “Man Alive!” is that it becomes a way in which men who love men can tap into themselves and establish community. To individually and collaboratively go out on that proverbial limb in search of something wide-ranging and worthwhile. To be another intersection where one is both compassionately nudged and wholly accepted. (I trust you will assist me in evolving this to be a sanctuary where bi and gay men can securely uncover an essential part of themselves and give full expression to who are we in articulating our common dreams and fears. I have faith that your role in this “safe space” – active or passive – will serve to intensify your own immersion in all the stuff of life, however deliciously forbidden that might seem.)

God! I understand so little about the “blogosphere,” and can envision myself fumbling and stumbling (not to mention bumbling) through this, hopelessly stuck in my own headspace. Where is the interplay between self-discovery and providing enhancement to another? How can I take a bit of this and a tad of that in the spirit of creativity and connectivity, rendering it refreshingly relevant to you, my readership – whoever you are – and however you could develop? Can I effectively step outside of my own limited worldview and passably universalize select experiences?

While I’m intent on navigating this latest venture with conviction, I am assuredly going about it all with a heap of anxiety and a substantial awareness that I’m being as pushed from behind as I am pulled from ahead to be positively saturated in something greater than myself. Not only is so much of this new terrain, but I am putting myself in the position of potentially being considered an “authority” when I feel much more comfortable having some capacity for growth – and the shortcomings that inevitably accompany it. This is undoubtedly an exercise in following what I feel compelled to do boldly while simultaneously being intimidated by it – contending with one massive ego while striving for surrendered relatedness.

I expect the same is true for you in your own life. The desire to not identify yourself as or with an “ideal” and, to the contrary, be unashamedly human. For my part, I promise to muster the courage to be transparent and vulnerable. It’s been said over and over that to love oneself is to love life, so it seems that in order to invite joy for myself I’d best go about initiating a safe space for a sense of amazement on another’s part. To recognize the heaviness of living in a way that initiates the capacity for a particular lightness often provoked when attention is paid to possibility.

It’s almost revolutionary how aligning your approach to life with who you are lends itself to you becoming who you can best be. In an individualistic, end-result-oriented society, to really feel the flow of the process of the day-to-day and appreciate a detail for what it is – it seems extraordinarily ballsier to embrace being more novice than know-it-all. Let’s explore together and expand and falteringly find tidbits of truth that will assist us in mapping out the nature of a life vibrantly lived.

So please don’t distinguish me as much as an expert as you would another wandering wonderer who simply wants to capture that dynamic sense of aliveness – if only for an extended moment.

While you might not know me from that fabled Adam, and I may not yet recognize you, let’s nonetheless plunge some depths with one another in the spirit of self-love and man-love. Let’s use the immediacy the Internet allows to feel out our own flesh-and-bone-ness. Let’s reach within, delve into that vast expanse of assent, and reach out to one another with the awareness that we’re not so separate after all.

I hope you take some comfort in the knowledge that you have never been alone, and certainly aren’t now. I trust you’re willing to step along with me toward a vantage point of astonishment. I believe it’s time we don’t feel so all alone in the center of all creation and, instead, welcome the freedom in connectedness.

Thanks so much for sharing your time with me. I’m eager to see how this progresses.



PS – Every day I receive messages from men the world over detailing issues they are struggling with, always underlined by a strong desire for personal transformation. I would be honored to accept your requests for blog topics in the future that could benefit you. I am here. Reach out anytime.

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  1. Adam…as Marrianne Williamson writes..”as we are liberated from our own fears, our presence automatically liberates others”…you embody that thought…thank you for your reminder of hope and living intentionally. Can’t wait to read your thoughs and enjoy your wisdom. I see your light

  2. Adam. As you move forward with your technological knowledge I anticipate even more warm, insightful thoughts and opinions from you here on your blog!

    Thank you for being so loving to all those you meet Adam. I personally appreciated this aspect of yourself much more than I can ever express in words.

  3. Adam,

    Congratulations on your blog. You are a man of amazing insight, giving and kindness. I look forward to reading your wonderful thoughts and teachings that you will pass along and for all of us to share together. You are being blessed by many as you have blessed us. Sending you and all huge hugs and love.

  4. So many emotions touched by your thoughtful and provocative words, Adam….! For this 56 year old married man, getting to know you has been such a gift and a blessing…. Getting to know MYSELF – in every expression of self that I’ve been able to explore with your purposeful, gentle, guidance has bestowed an abundance of vigor and vitality that fills me with awe and excitement. Your words in this Opening Blog prompt so much depth of thought…yet playful while being serious…. Eager for more…. Moved by the comments of others that read them, too…. Excited to continue to learn from the richness of your experiences in lands near and far, with people near and far. Thank you for all you are and all you do with so much grace, warmth, and kindness….. Namaste (accompanied by a deep, respectful bow.)

    • Larry – you’ve touched many emotions as well, as you know – and I’m thrilled that yet more get to be accessed in this way. A deep, respectful bow in return – and much more, very shortly. Adam

  5. So great to see the blog off and running. I look forward to reading many, many posts from you in the coming weeks and months. Sending you much love and happiness from California.

    • Love and happiness is being sent back in your direction from your old stomping grounds, Jeff. I appreciate the excitement and support. Adam

  6. Adam, I always enjoyed your stream-of-consciousness Facebook postings. I am sure your blog will also be excellent. Have fun with your writing!

  7. Looking forward to tagging along on this journey with you Adam. Just like a map, putting pins in for places you have been and want to go…sharing thoughts on experiences, or questions about life…it is a journey to share with your greater family of friends and followers.

  8. Adam – I know that this sanctuary you have created will be a source of guidance, inspiration, comfort, and wisdom for men throughout the world. You have a gift for profoundly touching others. I am awed by your appetite for life, and I love how you artfully present both a playfully light spirit and a soulful depth to the world. I look forward to seeing you soon.

    • To a woman alive: So much love coming right back at you – and thanks for advocating for sundry expressions of creativity and the striving for freedom… for all. See you next month (Broadway)! Adam

  9. I am PROUD & IMPRESSED to see you learning these technology and using it to help a community. This is a wonderful series and I hope people around the world having interest in it will surely enjoy & benefit. I wish a lot of success to this blog series and a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you 🙂

    • (This is from my jack-and-master-of-all-trades web developer, everyone.) Rish – you’ve graciously guided me from a place of frustrated ineptitude to ferocious inspiration. Thanks for your patient technological assistance and for the very mutual desire to uplift humanity that we share. More soon… 😉 Adam

  10. Well what can I say ,beyond words ,couldn’t find right words to put in sentence to express how impress you are doing what you are doing and how appreciate I am…A person like you much need to be exist and doing what you are doing in this curl world to make better place to live in … Thank you very indeed for doing these. People like me need you.We need this,, we need you ,,the world need you …Adam
    May your heart fill with joy forever and ever ,,May the blessing with you forever & ever .

    • “Min ga la ba”, Desmond! I love my distant Burmese connection with you and am excited to meet you in Germany next year. “Cè-zù tin-ba-deh”. Adam

  11. Happy birthday dear boy! You are giving a gift to the world with these “musings.” More coming soon I hope. You have a fan in Israel. I will see you in New York next year. I will see you here before. 🙂

  12. Magnificent! This is a thought-full and spirit-lifting writing, Adam. You are a warm man with much light. I give you a hug from Nepal.

    • Namaste from NYC, Krishna! I miss you and all our friends in Kathmandu’s massage circles, and send you yet more love, light, and a heart-felt “dhanyavaad”. Adam


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