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A Letter of Note

In Anticipation of an Imposing Light Bulb Moment To my Men Alive! (and those of you simply passing by): As I assemble my thoughts in fits and starts betwixt these sips of chai, I savor an apocalyptic vantage point whilst the wish-wishing of the washing machine attempts to drown out Debussy’s “Children’s Corner.” It’s a read more..


In Anticipation of an Imposing Light Bulb Moment


To my Men Alive! (and those of you simply passing by):

As I assemble my thoughts in fits and starts betwixt these sips of chai, I savor an apocalyptic vantage point whilst the wish-wishing of the washing machine attempts to drown out Debussy’s “Children’s Corner.” It’s a blissfully mundane midwinter morning in flat G as I look futureward with the everlasting task at hand of remembering who it is I am and how that Adam translates into this instant’s bits of becomingness.

I’m in the midst of a sea of projects prompted by the ongoing shifts in online advertising. Since the RentBoy raid, there’s been a volley of fear-fueled censorship, and MassageM4M and MasseurFinder’s nonsensical new policies that include not posting links to professional websites (that instead of protecting them, solely proves to complicate the lives and livelihoods of body and spirit workers, all while confusing potential patrons) has resulted in my business being slashed in half (note: both upped their prices and banned me and a slew of other providers since this was written).

So what was it Plato made known? “Necessity is the mother of innovation,” I believe. So, yeah – It’s personally become a period of surface nervousness over an old, old understanding that inspiration ought thrive in times of external interference. This ancient knowledge bubbles into my today space, and stirs – startles! – me: The setback is a creative catalyst, a revolution of perspective toward expansion and possibility.


The blog has broken with its format as I’ve simultaneously stepped back to wrap my mind around how I can effectively reach men and widen what it is I do to serve them more resolutely. From fashioning a landing page for Google ad words to slowly rewording www.SimplyAdam.com to gearing up for my first hardcore photo shoot, there’s much on the horizon.

Meanwhile, I’ve assigned writing a “someday song” to the sideline (“for in this heated newness, we feel a shiver of recognition”) and await a day when I regain the verve to draft entries that drop flavorful phrases such as “at 33, it occurs to me” and “an unraveling universality.” Ideas, ideas – for the assured fruitfulness to shadow this frustration.

If you’ve missed “Man Alive!”s prosey poetics of bitten-into wisdom, know that you don’t need to be a tweeter to follow me on Twitter. You can find “@KnowFromAdam” at www.twitter.com/KnowFromAdam. I figure if meaning is formed from communication, comprehension, and service, then social media is the perfect place to make it.


And as the landscape of my vocation changes, if you’d like to support me in progressing purposefully and prosperously, I’d appreciate any sharing of past blog entries that have moved you or retweeting of content you consider relevant – or providing feedback on how I can best let the world know that guys outside of the conventional modeling of “escort” and “masseur” exist along with the immeasurable extras we deliver beyond the customary commodification of physical healing and “sensorial” relaxation. Yea, beyond brief relief.

Something big is coming up, and it’s a mixed bag. The revelatory is rooted in the repetitive visiting of reality. Here, wide-eyed and wonder-minded, we access epiphany and prospect. So I’m willing and ready to sit out this discomfort – existing in the uncertainty – with a somewhat heavy head, anticipating some imposing light bulb moment, remaining steady in the belief that it’s more important than ever for us to ripen within ourselves that which we wish to witness around us.

An adaptable Adam

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  1. Hi Adam, I agree with Amir that you sound different in this post, but I put it down to this being a different type of post. Your usual style is reflective and, as you put it, prosey poetic, and that works when you are describing things that are central to your very being. This opens your soul to the rest of us and helps us to understand ourselves better as a result. Today’s post is more political in nature, it tries to make sense of a clumsy overreach by Government, to fathom the effect it has had on the lives of so many this industry touches and not least the personal impacts it has had on you. That is not the place best suited by lyrical writing.

    There has been much discussion of the raid, some of it indignant, but less about its effects in individuals who have been affected by the flow-on effects, the censorship, the fewer public spaces to converse. I was shocked that your business has been halved, and saddened by that because there will have been no reduction in the number of men who could benefit from your ministrations. I look forward to reading as you seek ways to reach out, as you change the nature of your vocation and as you write in your different voices. I value what you post here, and what you publish on twitter, each of them is part of telling us about yourself.

    Go well on this path, balance will restore itself, although its new manifestation might be a little different.


    • …And it’s, for certain, not what I’m inclined to write about, Mike. Here, I’m – at best – a hesitant commentator on my government’s “clumsy overreach” and the resulting fear-informed, opportunistic reactionism on the part of the online male massage and sex work monopoly. Your encouragement is very appreciated, and I welcome the wellness in the process while awaiting that upcoming, tweaked manifestation. Adam

  2. I’ve noticed the confusing changes on these sites. It’s difficult for me to understand so it must be difficult for all the massagists. You sound different in this blog Adam. You’re growing as a writer even here. Is it true they are raising the cost for advertisements on all the sites? It’s wrong to use a emergency time to profit from their clients. You are very optimistic and that makes me glad for you. Thank you for always being you with or without the changes.

    • I appreciate your support, Amir. Yes – several of the sites have limited the ability of masseurs, escorts, sacred intimates, etc. to state what they do and who they are while profiting off the actual struggle of those in the field (i.e., escorts flooding the massage sites). It’s predatory and opportunistic and terribly transparent. All the more reason to be a light, right? 🙂 I’m sorry you, too, are unable to meet men where you are at, knowing what they truly have to offer. Let’s hope this reactionary time passes soon. Adam

  3. Dear Adam, Although we have met only once (on the eve of your 32nd birthday) I of course continue to follow you and have been hoping to make time within my crazy travel and work schedule to give us a time to meet again. In the meantime, I am saddened that recent circumstances have had so serious an effect on your business, and while I know that sympathy is only part of what you need to get things back on track, please do know that you have the sympathy and admiration of the many friends you have made both in person and through your writing. You are a person of enormous thoughtfulness, kindness and generosity of spirit, and it seems inexplicable to me that the extraordinary blend of philosopher, therapist, sex partner and friend that you have been so successful at crafting would not have a viable future, once more men were aware of you. I wonder, however, if you might not also want to think about turning more deeply to writing, and writing a memoir of your life that might, in and of itself, convey the lessons you have been sharing. With friendship, PJ

    • I remember our time together with great fondness, P. 🙂 I didn’t realize you still followed me, and am thrilled that you have been! Just the past few months have felt in ways like lifetimes. Your words of comfort have been heard, and the push toward a memoir a reminder of what is certain to come. A gentle kiss and endless gratitude until next we meet in the flesh. Adam

      • Thanks, Adam, for your gracious response. I look forward to continuing this conversation in person, with all the pleasure that that provides. P

  4. You will always be a success at everything you want to do, Adam, because you have a history of meeting whatever challenge comes your way. It’s the system that has failed. Big time. So many men, both clients and providers, cut adrift. All because the State and its bogus Homeland Security decided to test how far they can go. And as we can see–it’s very far indeed.

    I’ve noticed for some time that the more I can stay connected to you, the more I succeed in all areas of my life. You are, uh, contagious!

    It is a joy to see how you continue to rise. And rise!

    • This means more than I can express at the moment, Chris – thank you for this festering contagion that fosters courageousness! 🙂 A joy indeed… all around it… Let’s extract it, and enact it. XOXes always, Adam

  5. What you do for men will come back and bless you tenfold, Adam. Let the world know about you. Creative, bright, kind shining you! We all love the gift that is “Simply Adam” and wish him nothing but the best.

  6. Dear Adam:
    “I am I plus my circumstances”, wrote the Spanish philosopher. Circumstances are imposed upon us by a time, an era, society and we cannot escape that reality. The only alternative is deal with them within the frame of our abilities and resources. But the adamant “man” is still there in his persistence to avoid that those circumstances crush him.
    I have followed your blog for the last year. You have created a vast body of work and it’s almost natural that you feel intellectually exhausted. Take a pause. The time will come. But do not forget that the rock is waiting for the labor of the artisan to give it its final touch.
    Cheer up because it is in the certitude of the uncertainty where the energy for creation resides.

    • So the current reality is the creative catalyst and we are the everlasting creators – in concert with one another in the ebb and flow of what is. The rock is waiting for the “adamant man” to finally touch it in a new way… to disrupt back, then connect seemingly disparate dots – anew. Ahh… You are endlessly encouraging. You get it. Thanks, Gil. Adam

  7. You told me last week to do honorable work you sometimes have to work twice as hard. It’s a good thing you are honorable and hardworking. This world is a better place with people who refuse to be victimized like you, Adam!

  8. Dear boy, you are already at the top of THE game. As you so eloquently wrote you must let the world know that Simply Adam exquisitely exists. This will require much creativity which you possess plenty of. I support you and believe in what you do. Thank you for universalizing the anxiety many of us are feeling around the world. It is a time to be innovative and proactive. I needed this reminder. Noah

  9. I am personally looking forward to the results of your hardcore photo shoot, Adam! I think you, your body and your face, especially, always seem so loved by the camera!

    As for your business, it may be “slashed in half” right now but I’ve no doubt that this rough period will be the catalyst for you to become one of the most sought after sensorial workers in the business. Keep the ideas flowing and don’t let yourself get discouraged, my friend.

    Always Tru

    • I dare say I’m looking forward to the process before and during the big shoot, TruOne. 🙂 To seeking and being sought after – minus the meddling middlemen (ie, massage websites). Chin up… Adam

  10. I have every confidence that you will emerge from this Phoenix-like, better and more beautiful than ever before, although you have my deepest sympathies in the current struggle.

    I’m grateful to know you, to have come in contact with you, and to have been changed for the better by the experience.


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