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From Yours Simply Well, Men Alive – The first full month of weekly blogosphere-contribution – and my debut overall as a writer – has come to a close and, I must mention, it’s been rather a resolution! Though being a novice is typically accompanied by imposter syndrome, I’ve become aware that these entries have pulled read more..


From Yours Simply


Well, Men Alive –

The first full month of weekly blogosphere-contribution – and my debut overall as a writer – has come to a close and, I must mention, it’s been rather a resolution! Though being a novice is typically accompanied by imposter syndrome, I’ve become aware that these entries have pulled on a few heartstrings and expanded some mindsets. This is thrilling!

While “Man Alive!” may not be an effortless undertaking with all this big city balance acting, it’s certainly satisfying, and is allowing for the discovery of a voice. The public comments and, especially, the private emails and texts I’ve received have convinced me that it’s a worthwhile endeavor. More than anything, I hope it continues to elevate and encourage you, dear comrades, with a sense of connectedness and wonder that makes its way into your everyday lives. Your responses validate and embolden me on sundry levels. It’s comforting to feel so supported as I embark on this new era.


Due to this outpouring of technology-assisted man-to-man support, I’ve decided that once per month – on varying days and times – I’ll take a break from blogging to connect with any of you who cannot afford a service, are uncertain about pursuing one, or solely wish to meet. The café-of-choice will change, and I welcome any suggestions for quiet wifi spots in Manhattan or Brooklyn. (My only request is that you make a donation, gift me, or buy teas for two.)


If you’d like to make a date for Friday, 13 February, between 5 and 8pm, I’ll be in a charming coffee shop in Soho. Please call me to learn the exact location and set up a time. You can sign up for the ”Man Alive!” Monthly to be notified of future rendezvous.

For now, I’ll resume “fumbling and stumbling” in this accommodated meandering. Thank you so, so much for joining me along the journey.

A simply awed Adam

PS – Enjoy this ditty (which is the entirety of my songwriting repertoire) from a tone-deaf Kathmanduan, written and recorded half a year ago, just before he became a wide-eyed New Yorker:

“Kathmandu Sally”

(Take one)

Sally came to Kathmandu
At 7pm, like it was 1972

What can you do, Sally?
It’s the Kathmandu Valley
Diesel fuel is gonna blow in your face
What shall we do, brother?
Sally’s somehow or other
Gonna get what she can outta this place

Sally cast off Kathmandu
At just after Noon, got a 21st-century view

Well, I was raised outside of Kalamazoo
Where my mind made it to the outskirts of Tippecanoe
With a privileged passport, I was a no-can-do
When it came to pushing past what I knew in Timbuktu
Then I went from full stop –
To full circle
Here in Kathmandu
And here in the middle of the Top of the World, where I stand
I proclaim that the more you accept, the more you’re gonna expand
And I say if you think you know it all
Let Nepal be your wake-up call
Because you are Sally
And I am you
And the whole wide world could be a Kathmandu
So take the most of what’s been given
And share the best of the life that you’ve been livin’

What can you do, Sally?
In this chaotic valley
Life’s gonna blindside you the more you live
What shall we do, lover?
Sally’s gone undercover
To see what’s to gain and what she can give

Sally comes to Kathmandu
The time is right now, and it’s an opportune one too

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  1. Adam, I have only just come across your blog, and it’s blown me away! I had seen you about on other sites and liked what I saw but this puts it up to a new level. You write beautifully, you are thoughtful and insightful, and you force your readers to think more deeply about themselves and their world. Your posts beg to be read more than once and reveal more with each reading. Setting aside time to meet people for tea and a chat is such a thoughtful idea, my only regret is that I can’t take you up on it any time soon.

    • Mike – thank you for pointing out “your posts beg to be read more than once and reveal more with each reading.” As a new writer, I most want to write to be personally moved… and peel back layer after layer of experience – contrasting and coalescing… into a vibrant awareness of being hopelessly, hopefully human. 🙂 I hope someday we do get to meet! Stay tuned, and thank you so very much for these thoughtful words of encouragement. Adam

  2. Your new gallery photos are stunning. What a different feel in the 2015 pix than in the prior collection. The eros is present but so artfully and beautifully executed. I just had to comment. Your photographer really knows how to capture your eyes, your smile and your intention to fully communicate. Well done, Bravo !

    • Thank you, Gary! The photo shoot was one all-nighter of a labor-of-love, and I’m glad it captured that certain something that resonated with you. I hope you’re enjoying the blog as well. 😉 Adam

  3. Adam- While reading your blog, I always feel the passion, warmth and zest for life that you radiate. I think your starting it in the cold, dark days of winter is a gift for all of us!! Keep smiling and doing what you do–and the song is awesome, by the way!! Love, Andy

  4. O sir Adam this is so amazing, the Kathmandu Sally song. We remember this in Nepal and all your help with water and the toilets for schools. We love you still. Your heart is of rubies.

    • Oh, Krishna – you are missed! It is a joy to support one another, and I send so much love to you all. Nepal lives in my heart every day. Adam

  5. You never cease to amaze. You’re putting some new ideas into action, and I have a feeling this is going to morph into something wonderful. Perhaps a Salon where men talk about the Queer Body.
    And our own Queer Selves.

    Because of medications I’ve been having trouble maintaining erections. My well meaning new doctor said, well. It’s more about love than sex, and I replied, “They often go hand in hand.” He apologized,

    But I don’t think I could have responded so forcefully to him had I not been reading your blog Adam and coaching with you, to be as genuine and frank in discussing sex with my doctor.

    My cardiologist has been taking care of the mechanics. And you’ve been taking care of the hunger. And lifted my spirits.

    It will be fascinating to see how this new idea will work its magic.

    And while you’ve been at everything else, you’ve written a slogan for Nepal’s Office of Tourism: “Let Nepal be Your Wake up Call!”

    I love your voice in all its colors. Here’s another slogan: Make a Joyful Noise!

    • A salon would be stellar, Chris! Old-school and newly needed. 🙂 To magic-making, and community-shaking! I am so thrilled for this revolutionary time for you, myself, and a whole lot of us. Adam

  6. Your a class act Adam!!!! When I say your never cease to amaze, I think that phrase prevails stronger now more than ever. Thank you!

  7. If an entire continent didn’t separate us, I’d accept this invitation immediately. Thanks for sharing your heart with us, you remarkable man.

      • I feel compelled to add that I know I’m not the target market for the coffee date. So if there are any nervous newbies reading this, please take my recommendation to take Adam up on this offer. You will not regret any moment spent with him.


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