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Measuring Up

I’m an exceptional body-worker, on and off the table. I’ve been providing bodywork services since 2010, when I had a one-man erotic massage studio in the heart of Madrid. I traveled throughout Europe during 2012 before bringing my sensual show on the road in the States later that year. As of August 2014, I’ve established myself in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan. You can read bodywork reviews from my time in the US here and there.

An insatiable top and a hungry bottom, an extraordinary kisser, and one hell of a cuddler, I excel in the sack! I am a passion addict. I love to have my entire body paid attention to, and I want to bring you past what you thought possible. I am intuitiveā€¦ Kissing, licking, sucking, fucking-and taking it-from missionary style to Kama Sutra.

I’m a versatile guy who takes care of himself-physically, mentally, and emotionally. I bring all of this to an escort service, and you can read my reviews from my more recent time stateside here.

My educational and professional background is in sexual health and counseling-from a degree in Gender Studies to over four years serving as a prevention specialist and sexual health counselor in the Midwest to volunteer teaching AIDS orphans in remote sub-Saharan Africa for a year-I’m honored to work with you in advancing yourself as a lover and/or exploring deferred issues.

When we meet for the first time, I would like to spend the first few minutes getting to know you and discussing ways in which you feel our time together could benefit you. My aim is to create a safe space for a personalized man-to-man connection. From there, we can create an exceptional experience.

I enjoy desire in its many forms. From slow, romantic moments interspersed with kisses and cuddles to getting on all fours and being fucked like a dog. From having you sit on my face and moan to watching you look up at me as you take the whole of my cock. I inevitably lose myself to passion and ask that you feel free to do the same.

I also ask that you place a high precedent on safety and respect. I’ve never had unprotected anal sex. I donā€™t use hard drugs, I drink moderately, and I maintain a well-balanced diet and sleep schedule. You can come to me on the edge, but I ask that you be willing to be inspired to increase the overall quality of your life. I value my community, which you are a part of, and feel a strong responsibility toward bettering it.


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