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A Bit About Adam

I was born in mid-autumn 1982 on Lake Michigan to God-fearing parents who named me after the “first man.” My folks were fiercely Evangelical. While I no longer consider myself a religious person, I maintain a mission-oriented outlook on life. My younger years were several gravel roads removed from the contemporary American experience. I grew up the youngest of six with little access to “secular” music and no VCR to accompany one regulated television set. When I emerged from the woods, my priority became culture, experience, and people. During my growing up years, I developed an imagination and cultivated a vision. I’ve been developing and cultivating ever since.

I’m a sentimental person because my life has been magical. I’m a future-focused man because it just gets that much more glorious. A synchronicity junkie, I embrace both nostalgia and neophilia. What I miss most about my childhood, and strive to implement in my adulthood, is a blazing idealism that accommodates the ability to make the world a better place. I need to be engaged and fascinated.

I want more. I want those who join me on the journey to want more. But in the quest to satiate the need, I also enjoy providing a moment of contentment that later serves to fuel other flames. This is how I go about my life, and this passion-balanced, with attentive lingering-is what gets me where I need to be.


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