The Blog is Breaking


A Note on Surrenderedness


Oh! – that instant when eternalness itself is presented in unfinished shifting – in evolution. (To honor oneself is to allow for hidden truths – for all… To accept the necessity – the inevitability – of change.)

And in these – our – times of overwhelm, fear, and isolationism, I just want –

Simplicity. Joy! Connection.


So I find myself in the breaking – unblocking – as I fail to write more for “Man Alive!” –

Succumbing to the peace in pacing myself – to flesh out what is ideal, I surrender to working on whatever is at hand, until it’s real… for me.

Yet to fully release so much that I’ve developed, I know I must concentrate on what must come. This consecrates the process, and it conjures progress –


Come back next week for the first part of the long-awaited and ever-unfolding “Manifesto Alive!”

And, please, let me know (privately, or as a comment):

What are you still afraid of?


What’s missing in your life as you’re presently living it?

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  1. The blog is breaking, and so’s the writer. It’s rewarding to witness your transformation as you rebrand in stream of consciousness and cryptic invitations to participate and glean your wisdom as your reader and a man – ALIVE! You’re unceasingly interesting and engaging. I’ll answer your questions privately, but declare my admiration for you here.

    • I’m breaking so blissfully I’m loosening – losing – my grip, Paul. An astute observation. I’m off to answer your questions – privately. Love, Adam

  2. Thank you for being back. Three little paragraphs and there it is the sap that touches neurons, the interconnection that, as social entities, we need to survive and achieve. The solitude of oneness that becomes liberating in the interaction with others.

    • I’m thrilled to “be back,” Gil – albeit still mostly in Peruvian-fueled solitude… anticipating the liberation to come in two weeks’ time. 🙂 With Love, Adam

  3. Constantly unblocking and discovering new layers with fears not formally fathomed. I am afraid of what may be discovered next in me, in all of us.

    • Constantly, constantly, constantly, dear, dear friend. God! And will what we discover – individually and as a collective – be something we can accept? Yes. With trembling and trepidation, perhaps – but yes, Yes, YES! On into our more expansive selves and fully lived lives. I love you. Adam

  4. Dear Adam,

    Thanks for your website and blog which I discovered this week.

    To answer your questions I’m afraid of coming out as bi. I’m not honest with the people I love and I’m almost ready to proclaim who I am.

    Its encouraging to know people like you are around who share so openly.



    • It’s an honor, Eric – thank YOU. Know that you are far from alone – in your identity, and along your journey – and are supported. Open your heart, be good to yourself, and take the next step from that empowered, surrendered place. In solidarity… Adam

  5. Perhaps we’re all breaking and unblocking, Adam. I love how each line oozes universal truth while pointing to us as individuals. You use yourself expressively and personally in the service of yourself and others. Powerful stuff! I’m taking a hint.

    • I sure hope we are, W – as unpleasant and angst-inducing as growth can be. I’ll be taking my own hint – so feel free to along with… I very much appreciate your continued support of the blog – and the man. A kiss from Cuzco… Adam


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