Pornography and its Simultaneity


Advancing Steve (or, a Final Savoring of this Love-Laboring)



beholders… bystanders… men – of all kinds – alive!…

…the formerly forbidden confounds us where amateurism forever tampers with artistry as wisdom is as once bitten into… consumed creatively by you as it was, for me, purposefully produced… locating us astray from social sanction – suffused, finally, in stout-spirited sanctuary, in this ambiguous unfinishedness…


…Steve hesitantly – informally, fascinatedly – attempts hardcore here, devoid of any tendency to condemn the thing he craves, finding no fault in failure’s fruits… falling in with ancient truths anew as beauty contains them, as sex appeals to them… regarding impassioning prospects…

…manifesting a fresh perspective of mankind’s hoariest profession… as fused with the fullness of fleshly – of human – experience… as sexual expression is best positioned in the center of one’s participation in living…


…that a transaction can be transformational beyond – and by – its very transience… that mannified appetite shall be employed to penetrate cosmic knowledge, to inform oneself firmly within his oneness with the whole of humanity… love-making as a means to lead us in our longing to knowing ourselves by reason of what all is – what all it is we desire, and deem to be…

…to the limitlessness in camaraderie… to simplicity… to allowing ourselves our personal limits…


…back to sex’s requesting of us to use it as a catalyst… abutting this lover-led absoluteness… as we unshackle ourselves from tired traditions that linger in a governing of what goes where and who can do (and have at) what…

…to my transmogrification – from a consumer’s option to his consummated opportunity for unprecedented aliveness – in a marginal space, rippling out from and onto yet another lover’s marvel-filled middle…


…honoring one brother – yes! – to another in working him over in wonder, in calling on commercial connection as it is requisite in an era as enlightened as its pleasure may one day be emancipated…

…advancing popular opinion from what we cannot do and have – optimistically tipping us into chiefly believing in the dignity of all that we are, as opposed to predominantly enforcing what we ought to be…


…to re-realizing our wholeness through a healing as revelatory as homoeroticism is radical in that it betrays society’s rivalries for a revelry co-created inside this reality of sampling erratically – of ecstatic sensuality! – by way of laboring… savoring – repetitiously – to learn to love, to be, rapturously…

…from a persecuted and suppressed occupation of seedy suppliers of abilities past, of surreptitious demanders after classified ass, to this servicing of an impoverished world with its own possibilities…


…instead of interpreting whoredom as hedonism – simulating porn-o scenes in heated escapism – could we permit the simultaneity of all to penetrate a man-on-man moment, astonished?


…or must we share such sensations apart from the garden, guilt-ridden in deep-gulleting rods as righteous as work is experienced as an accursed recurrence? Might I purge the myth of the first man’s progeny’s perpetual drudgery by virtue of the present’s succumbing – this deliberate, delightful biting! – so as to birth these ideas in frustrated freedom! – ‘til on my belly I’ll go, groaning again, sweating from my body, my brow, the goal – the being, the growth – a delicious, a satiating know-how…?

Adam, sincerely


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    • Thanks, Michael – I’m thrilled that you’re helping yourself to some Internet-delivered hotness. I’m here in Manhattan, if… 😉 Adam

  1. Your “Steve does Adam” photo story is an incredibly hot, sensual masterpiece that truly lays out, so to speak, who you are and what you do! I am clearly not the only man who has derived hours of pleasure from it.

  2. There is nothing like reading a Man Alive! entry on a day of…. pausing…. reflecting.. and reading again. Our lives are enriched infinitesimally by what they inspire within us. Have a blast in Peru Adam!

    • Thank you, John! I’m honored to provide the catalyst for just such days. And I will (Peru couldn’t come sooner)! Adam

  3. Another wonderfully sensual experience reading your arousing words. Thank you each choice of text, punctuation, imagery which climaxes to a powerful illuminating culmination of energy.
    How is it that your words bring me close to you; your scent, your touch, your breathe, you rock hardness,Or at least the
    YOU I have imagined, fascinated and dreamt of.

    The photos are not necessary, but Opooh hhh so welcum. Your writing is worth thousands of pictures. Butt, yes, please keep them
    Thank you. dearest Adam!

  4. Like the next chapter in a book you can’t put down each new chapter in this story unfolds with beauty sensuality and sometimes lust all while we reflect on our own journeys. Than you dear Adam for letting us see our lives through yours. Michigan calls!

  5. The US has a miles long road ahead unshackling itself from puritan shame and placing it on its citizens. Your struggle is real and, with the insights in these writings, prescient. It is inspiring, to say the least, how you remain optimistic and encouraging as you are hit from every side by barriers during the latest reactionary cycle of government, industry and banks. Press on, and give us a push along your way. Beauty does behold truth.

  6. Truly exceptional, Adam. “…from a persecuted and suppressed occupation of seedy suppliers of abilities past, of surreptitious demanders after classified ass, to this servicing of an impoverished world with its own possibilities…” POWERFUL!

  7. My boy, the gorgeous man with the powerful insights of the Torah and humanity. This series is nothing short of breathtaking and your poetry illuminates it further. The masturbatory miscellany locked photos are a special treat to, you guessed it, masturbate to. ;-D You are a treasure. You have contributed something really beautiful to an often ugly world. Kisses from Israel. Your Noah

    • Kisses accepted, and returned, dear Noah… Thank you for understanding the intention, and receiving the delivery. Adam


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