"Manifesto Alive!" (Part III)



(As I wrap up what has turned out to be a rather rapturous fumbling and floundering… into something worthwhile – perhaps even impactful… let’s experience it, for now, as one of life’s myriad rough drafts – figuring the purpose of it all as being within this perpetuity of processing.)


That in generating a sense of Wonderment, through furthering this generous Originality, what follows is a state of Love, as experienced – everlastingly…

I BELIEVE we are inherently WORTHY.
That as equals, venerated in vulnerability, we inherit our birthright: an ancestral power.
That in reaching out to each other, we may be taken in by the wonder in our oneness.
That in wound-awareness we can wake up to our current world, so much without – and our contributive place within it.
That we are not without social roles generated to enhance – to join – the whole of humanity.
That only through experiencing our inherent worth are we able to reach – reach outwardly! – to find ourselves as belonging to one another.
That “fitting in” is a short-term, societal betrayal of sacrosanct Self.
That we innately belong – from somewhere deep within – stretching outside of the immediate.
That we worship All in a world of purpose through accepting our eternal worthiness.

I BELIEVE we discover our PURPOSE as adults through revisiting our childhood PASSIONS.
That in parenting our boyhood selves – by learning from the Him that we still Are – we evolve.
That imperfection – uncertainty – shocks us into possibility.
That the purpose in creating is the very process of healing.

I BELIEVE life is lived fruitfully in a neverending pursuance of TRUTH.
That trusting in the process of lovingly making meaning, we might lust solely for SELF-KNOWLEDGE.
That beauty supports us in experiencing awareness.
That the miraculous is wrapped in mystery.

I BELIEVE GENEROSITY is gentle by nature.
That it gently leads us to understand that we are already understood.
That we ought teach what we are reaching for – learning, in turn, in the sharing itself.
That in transitioning from tradition to a newfound, redefined wisdom, we awaken from woundedness to a yet fuller awareness.
That in this awareness we will see one another clearly, evolving in LOVE.

I BELIEVE – yes! – that we further AWE-someness – shame-lessly – by sharing it.
That we grasp at to collapse with to comprehend –
That we are here to bear witness to one another’s worthiness.
Empathetically, in the ecstasy of kindness.

I BELIEVE in FOLLOWING UP with what was shared.
That skill is on the one hand masterful, and by the same stroke – magical. Original.
That technical excellence is achieved best by intuitive into-it-ness.
That mastery is in the way I do my work. In our orientation to life.
That excellence is achieved, seemingly silently, in stillness.

I BELIEVE we connect all facets of life together to re-envision, to re-live UNION.
That nothing is separate.
That our scars are sacred.
That in our responsiveness to one another we restore the whole.
That this wholeness is manifested through daily compassion.

I BELIEVE boyish JOYFULNESS is furthered in following our CURIOSITIES.
That curiosity foreshadows passion.
That passion provides a sense of togetherness.
That togetherness produces life.
That the more fascinated I am by you, the more I sink into your idiosyncrasies – the more universal I experience us as.
That the truthfulness of our belongingness is entangled in our nuances.
That in not conforming we form ourselves more securely to our divinity – devoting ourselves to realized interconnectedness.
That we are formed by an unfolding force – a dark facelessness, devoid of definition.
That through this darkness we experience life as light.
That life, in this light, is infinitely lived as though for the first time.

I BELIEVE in FORGIVENESS as an empowering force:
That we realize the empowerment invoked by humility –
So as to receive clarity –
That we might welcome LOVE
Wielding our fundamental FREEDOM –
To, ultimately, find, and yield to –
FULFILLMENT as a furtherance of empowering others.

Foremost, to ourselves – then to one another, in this instant –
Finally, and for all eternity, to all things in an ever-expanding multiverse –
Before, beyond, and within this becoming
We wanderlustingly are made to be wonder-lovers –
Taste-making by co-creating the experience of loving me by knowing you –
While wide awake!
As wildly aware!
And wondrously alive –
To the reality that LOVE holds us all together –
Supports us in experiencing our oneness!
And we have all that we need by having faith –
In this abundance of LOVE that we give, endlessly, one to another.

Progress by re-reading the First Part…

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  1. Magnificent, Adam! And timely.

    Your “Forgiveness” section reminded me of the theologian Reinhold Neibhur’s last line of a poem. (Being a Christian theologian it inherently must be speaking to Christ’s last words on the cross, “forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.” Not a bad phrase to think of post-election with these lunatics taking control and the astounding realization that nearly 1/2 of the population wants them to.

    “Therefore we are saved by the final form of love, which is forgiveness.”

    Here is the entire poem:

    “Nothing worth doing is completed in our lifetime;
    Therefore, we are saved by hope.
    Nothing true or beautiful of good makes complete sense in any
    immediate context of history;
    Therefore, we are saved by faith.
    Nothing we do, however virtuous, can be accomplished alone;
    Therefore we are saved by love.
    No virtuous act is quite as virtuous from the standpoint of our friend or
    foe as from our own;
    Therefore we are saved by the final form of love, which is forgiveness.”

    • I have never read Neibhur, Chris – and I thank you for sharing this. The timeless is forever timely. Your unfailing support is appreciated so much in this instant. Adam

  2. Adam,

    Read this today, November 9th and it had a very special impact. We all need to believe in so much right now, we can’t lose that belief or we will lose our sanity our soul. Thanks I needed this.

    • To really BE our beliefs, and act accordingly, Mark. It’s what we all need. To appreciate our differences – knowing that our differences don’t make us separate. I need it too. Thank you. Adam

  3. Happy birthday Adam! What a great day it was 34 years ago and how the world has changed because of you. I have never met you but your kindness comes through in everything that you present to those who have encounter you, in words and pictures

    You are at the prime of your life, and there are some many things and people to encounter and share yourself with.

    Please celebrate well and enjoy every minutes

  4. Love the forgiveness dialog, Adam, and definitely support all your beliefs. I once heard that you’ve reached true forgiveness when you are able to thank the other party for the experience. I try to live by that, sadly there are a couple in my history that have yet to reach appreciation for. Thanks for the nudge and blessings to you!

  5. I believe in Love and Life. A big thank you for the inspiration. Wishing you a very happy Birthday, Adam! Hope you had a blast… Awesome! xoxo

  6. Dear Adam: Follow your heart … travel, breathe, live and just be. And on this day, I wish you the happiest birthday. Take care.

  7. Beautifully written as always!

    My favorite part: “I BELIEVE in FORGIVENESS as an empowering force:
    That we realize the empowerment invoked by humility –
    So as to receive clarity –
    That we might welcome LOVE” – This reminds me of what we were talking about the other day.

    Cheers to you on your birthday!

  8. LOVE the phrase: “being within this perpetuity of processing.”

    LOVE: “Wonder in our oneness….”

    LOVE: “That we worship All in a world of purpose through accepting our eternal worthiness.” … but wonder why you choose the word “worship” and what you’re intention is, in choosing that word?

    LOVE this thought: “I BELIEVE we discover our PURPOSE as adults through revisiting our childhood PASSIONS.”

    LOVE this sentence: “That in parenting our boyhood selves – by learning from the Him that we still Are – we evolve.” …especially the reference to “our boyhood selves” and the choice of “HIM” and “ARE” …

    Could go line by line by line and tell you how much I feel connected to and validated by your inspired thoughts and feelings translated into the English language. Exquisitely posed and conveyed. The entire manifesto may at times not be as “linear” as one might imagine….but what in so many of our lives is, in fact, linear….. I couldn’t bear to pick it apart in pursuit of making something an iota more clear or easier to conceptualize….

    You have an inner voice that merits paying attention to…. I’ve not experienced ANYTHING that you’ve shared – in writing, in person, in conversation, in passionate exchanges of the most intimate nature – that were not fertilely inhabited with your creative genius. It’s not about perfection…as you aptly display, Adam. It’s about resonance, balance, and finding the “key that’s appropriate to the composition you are writing.” Your pieces SING to the reader….. what tune they hear is up to their inner ear and capacity to listen to your unique music. Compose more and as often as the muse dictates and you must.

    On your birthday I wish you many many happy returns of this day precious soul!

    • Thanks, Larry. To the perpetuity of processing… to the wonder in our oneness. I revere you, and appeal to us all to respect – to worship – one another, and all that is. What a moment… Adam

    • We assuredly do (fulfill our freedom by empowering others), John – just as we begin again in wrapping up. 🙂 I’m so pleased you were wowed by this experiment in manifestation dabbling. XOX Adam


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