"Manifesto Alive!" (Part I)


I Believe I Belong.

(As you bear witness to this very public bumbling and flubbing… into something eventually worth publishing… let it give you permission to fall short in assorted ways – in your own efforts to move, inevitably, forward.)


That in the beginning was the Word, and what followed was the Wound. And in our wounded state we had the angst to learn to push the boundaries of the Garden further.

I BELIEVE my deepest need is to LOVE all and allow that LOVE to be returned.
That LOVE is infinite, and infinitely accessible when my heart is open.
That I have nothing but abundance to give.

I BELIEVE I’m here to co/CREATE through deliberate choice (and be delighted by chance – which has me frequently changing course and plans).
That originality springs from genuineness – a natural, passionate acceptance of nothing-newness (me and you-ness).
That any bigness is in embracing ambiguousness (that I’m up for the business of ambivalence, for art is for our sake).
That “amateurity” is where sincerity and artistry meet, and –
That FAILURE keeps me fluid… Attests to evolution.
That ecstasy is located in my own not knowing, and rapture is found on the edge of knowledge.
That in falling, I find myself more expansive – resilient, self-reliant.
That FEAR is my friend, playfulness leads to risk, and riskiness leads to growth.
That UNCERTAINTY is something to entertain, and FAITH’s constant companion.
That PERFECTION is the process itself, and cannot be captured.

That in constructing my ego I might someday let it go…
That I am best when leaning into the unknown.
That the mystery is to be experienced, not eradicated (as if I could)!
That God is Reality, and I am oh-so-real!

I BELIEVE in wrapping my life up in conscious ROUTINE and constant RITUAL.
That the magical is in the mundane. That revelation is rooted in repetition.
That I ought to Slow Down… Show Up… Attend to – not Attach.
That a goal makes me move.
That hidden in the middle of my immediate experience is the ability to locate opportunity on the periphery.
That determination leads to the delight in a plan’s collapse.
That a strategy can lead to serendipity. To synchronicity.
That listening predicates stillness. Silence.

I BELIEVE that a union of NOSTALGIA and NOVELTY results in wistful innovation.
That as I reclaim my past, I redeem my present. I become my bettered Self.
That being idealistic is realistic when accompanied by critical thinking.
That there’s nothing wrong with changing my mind.
That my former offerings are as valid as this current work is humbling.

I BELIEVE in NAMING things before SURRENDERING them.
That calling shame by its many names (_____) lets me know what I own, and which farewell parties to arrange.
That, then, in touching on the unknowable – I know I’m not alone.
That my work is to inspire connection and possibility, not perpetuate a culture of envy and limitation.
That I must know you and him by name in order to surrender myself fully.

I BELIEVE in the dis/satisfaction of PASSION
That curiosities lead me to the courageous ache of it.
That I must savor the burn.
That I know it’s passion when joy emerges in bits and startled fits.
That something beautiful shall inevitably result.
That the flow itself is its own reward.

I BELIEVE in the connective power of GRATITUDE.
That I am connected to the universe, the world, to you and you and you…
That greed squelches gratitude’s riches.
That it orients me to my everlasting divinity as I take pleasure in the fleetingness of joy.
That burning desire to serve humanity finds me earning money to allow me to serve further.
That serving further, furthers gratitude itself.

That extending who I am to what all it is I do summons potentiality.
That I do not exist in isolation – I am part of the whole of humanity.
That body and mind support spirit. (I am not my body, not my mind.)
That I am LOVE – vulnerably expressing my inherent value so as to strengthen myself and summon connection for all humankind.
That putting ideals into day-to-day practice is something to relish.

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  1. Yes, I also believe it all boils down to love. Love of self and others. We do not live on a void. We act and interact with the resulting impact on your life positive or negative. Always strive for the positive.

  2. It’s a treat to return here this morning for two new posts and a turn of events for “Simply Adam”!

    Even your first tries are masterful. Just in these two opening lines there’s an eternity to ponder: “That in the beginning was the Word, and what followed was the Wound. And in our wounded state we had the angst to learn to push the boundaries of the Garden further.” I’m eager to see how the “Manifesto!” culminates.

    In solidarity, belonging, and pushing, Paul

    • It’s a deep pleasure reading your comments, Paul! I’ve been pondering for eternity – which is precisely the problem! Hence, a try – and seldom a finished “product.” Bah! Loving it… And you! Adam


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